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Terms and Conditions

All party-town equipment should be collected the way it was left off. So if its dirty - clean it. Cluttered up with mess from night before-remove it all.If we didn't supply it take it away before we come.All equipment must be supervised by an adult.No food, drink, shoes, overcrowding on inflatables.Access is required between 3-4ft depending on equipment hired. Location of equipment within 30 metres of vehicle ideally or extra charge may incur. Power ideally within 30 metres.Area to be relatively flat, free from debris, mud and animal litter.During busy periods inflatable can be collected from 8pm onwards, overnight hire is available.



1. All equipment on hire or loan shall remain the property of Party Town.

2. All equipment is used entirely at the Hirees’ / Users own risk, whether or not the equipment is staffed or self run.

3. The Hiree is responsible for providing a safe electricity supply if required.

4. Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged at full replacement / repair cost.

5. Any damage or loss must be reported immediately. The Hiree is responsible for the first £250 of any claim

6. No booking over £150 shall be deemed to be confirmed until the signed contract and deposit payment is received or written email confirmation. Equipment will only be reserved for a period of 7 days from date of enquiry.

7. An additional holding deposit may required for all equipment on ‘Dry Hire’. This deposit will be returned within 1-14 days of the hire once the equipment has been returned and checked.

8. On delivery the equipment should be inspected and any faults reported immediately. Any fault not reported at the time of delivery will be deemed to be the responsibility of the Hiree.

9. All cancellations or changes in bookings over £150 must be notified in writing. If not Cancellations will be charged at the full hire rate unless an alternative booking is found.

10. Where equipment is delivered/collected Party-town will endeavour to meet the stated contract times as closely as possible. Party-town or their suppliers cannot be held responsible for late delivery/collections due to circumstances beyond their control.

11. Hirees’ must ensure that access is available at the stated time of delivery, that any balance payment fees are available to Party-town staff or they may not be able to leave equipment if the balance payment is not available, that the access is clear to the site, that the Hirees’ representative at the time of delivery is aware of the positioning of the equipment and has access to all necessary points to ensure the safe installation of the equipment, that the proposed operating site for the equipment is clear of any obstacles that may prove to be a hazard for the safe operation of the equipment,

12. That the Hirees’ representative has the authority to sign for delivered equipment and receive any safety/operating instructions. In the event of access not being available at the time of delivery/collection Party-town reserve the right to return at a later time and to pass on any additional costs incurred to the Hiree.

13. Where equipment needs to be delivered through buildings it is the Hirees’ responsibility to ensure that any fittings, furnishings or other items are removed or covered with protective material. Party-town cannot be held responsible for any damage to fittings or furnishings, however caused, although every precaution is taken.

14. Once equipment is installed it must not be moved, have items added to, be altered in any way or used for any other purpose other than that which it has been designed for, without the written permission from Party-town. Party-town cannot be held liable for any damages caused to services above or below ground whilst securing Marquees or Bouncy Castles.

15. All equipment must be used in accordance with all relevant legislation, and in a suitable safe environment.

16. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring that adequate first aid facilities are available if necessary.

17. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring that adequate safety barriers are fitted around equipment if required.

18. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring that all safety regulations are enforced.

19. No sub-letting of equipment is permitted without the written authorisation of Party-town.

20. The Hiree is responsible for the safe use of all equipment hired as per the issued instructions. Equipment must not be used in inclement weather conditions. Party-town reserve the right to cancel any booking if deemed unsafe.

21. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring that any special licences or permission for use of hired equipment are obtained as necessary.

22. The Hiree is responsible for providing any insurance’s required. We strongly recommend that insurance be arranged to cover Public Liability and Loss / Damage of Equipment.

23. In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, full written details including, name and address of injured party, names and addresses of witnesses, circumstances of accident must be recorded and a copy sent to Party-town immediately.




1. Payment must be made in accordance with the terms stated on the Hire Contract. Where balance payments are due on delivery, equipment will not be put on site until payment is made.

2. Deposits- All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances, it is taken that you have read this when undertaking a booking through any communication method


Please note all deposits are non refundable under no circumstances and it is taken that once a booking is made via any form of communication these terms have been read and accepted by you.



Party-town or Employees cannot be held in any way responsible for any breach of hires/contract, although every precaution is taken.

Area is to be as CLEAN as possible and any excess dirt from the hire the Hiree has to clean up, whether this be dog droppings on the garden, wet and muddy ground for Marquees or Bouncy castles,split drink, food etc. ALL PARTY-TOWN EQUIPMENT SHOULD BE COLLECTED THE WAY IT WAS LEFT OFF ANY ALTERATIONS FROM THIS WILL INCUR CHARGES.

Tables, chairs and accessories must be left the way they were hired out i.e. stacked neatly near access point for collection, if not charges will apply

Once an item is hired from Party-town it is deemed that the Hiree has read and agreed to these terms and conditions


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