Luxury Toilet Hire




Check out these luxurious VIP Units, which are equipped to the highest interior design specifications. Available through PARTY-TOWN. Deal with one person, one company for all your needs.



One connection to 13amp power supply or generator

Each Unit is divided into 2 sections;



The ladies section has 3 toilet cubicles, 2 wash hand basins, 2 vanity mirrors and 1 full length mirror. 


The gents section has 1 toilet cubicle, 3 urinals, 2 wash hand basins and 2 vanity mirrors. 


Soap, hand towels, tissues, toilet paper, automatic deoderisers, fresh flowers and all those vital little must-haves every ladies restroom needs are all provided!


The luxury VIP unit comes with an internal CD player so that music can be played inside the unit during your event.

Measurements: 22ft x 10ft overall (18ft box units)

Now coming with Blow heaters for those winter months!



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