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At Party-town we will try our best to meet your every need, but please note we do not offer credit under any circumstances


Payments are primary considerations when discussing any order trough Party-town and should be mentioned when emailing or telephone conversations.

All invoiced work should be paid prior to our arrival, or if prior arranged cash on delivery.


DEPOSITS: Orders over £100 will require min 25% deposit via either of the payments methods stated below.

Please note all deposits are non refundable under no circumstances and it is taken that once a booking is made via any form of communication these terms have been read and accepted by you.

Late Payments: unless previously arranged, payment not received by the time we make delivery or on delivery/ collection you maybe liable for extra 15% to cover our inconvenience and additional administration/ travel costs incurred recovering the money owed.

Please see below payments methods we accept


Cheque or Bankers Drafts: Payments made by cheque or draft are accepted but must be received at least 7 days in advance of event date and are to be made payable to Party-Town and should be posted to Party-town, 42 Rockstown rd, Carrickmore, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland, BT799BE with your name, address, event date & Invoice number (if known) clearly stated on the reverse of the draft.

Cash: Cash payment on delivery is another preferred method of payment for most of our customers, this gives the customer the flexibility to cancel the event, free of charge under £100 without waiting for a refund.
Bacs/Chaps/ Balance Transfer: BACs, Chaps & balance transfers are accepted providing payment is received no less than 48hrs in advance of the event. Please contact us or request an invoice for full payment details.

PayPal: PayPal Transactions will be accepted 3 days in advance of the event date but are subject to a 3% charge and supports the standard payment cards.
We understand some local authorities are bound by strict invoicing/purchase order systems so please contact us to discuss your requirements, and provide to us with purchase numbers, requirements etc


Once you have placed an order you have entered into Contract. We do understand tat due to unforseen circumstances that cancellations do need to be made once in a while and our cancellation terms are outlined below.This policy is to protect both our interests and to ensure any wages, expenses Party-Town has already incurred are covered. They are not here to make profit, merely to cover costs which is reasonable.


Please note: All cancellations must be made in writing via letter / email or after talking to member of staff. No texts, voicemails are accepted due to possibility of getting these too late either being out of reception, network down mobile battery down.
CANCELLATIONS UNDER £150: These cancellations are FREE OF CHARGE. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible so we have a chance to hire out equipment again. Notice must be given MIN. 12 HRS BEFORE arranged delivery time. This is so we are not out any expenses checking equipment, loading equipment, testing and organising your event, vehicle and generator hire, travel expenses, wages, staff commitments which would have to be paid regardless if your event goes ahead or not.
Should your event be cancelled when we arrive, or on route to your event you will incur 50% cancellation fee to cover costs mentioned above.

CANCELLATIONS OVER £150: Cancellations are accepted, but must be made at least 14 days in advance of the event date not to incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations made between 1-14 days of event will incur 25% fee to cover costs already laid out to cover your event including checking and testing equipment, loading, organising event, vehicle and generator hire, travel expenses, wages, staff commitments, possibility of loosing hire cost of equipment already laid out to you. Cancellations made under 12 hrs before your event will incur 50% cancellations fee.

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO NOT FITTING / REFUSAL ON THE DAY: All measurements are clearly stated on website. If unsure ask and accurately measure using measuring tape your area available. Dont forget to take into account fences, kerbs, clothes lines, guttering, outside lights, trees or any other permanent features especially when considering marquees and inflatables. If we arrive and item does not fit you will be liable for minimum 50% cancellation fee.
If for whatever reason we arrive at your venue and you cancel again you will be liable for minimum 50% cancellation fee depending on size and order expenses already paid for.

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